Brand Introduction

Phoenix, a classic trademark

There is a cultural witnessing of an era;
There is a cultural ushering in of a new way of traveling.

“In my time, when I got married, she was equivalent to today’s house and car. With her, I felt confident.

In the old days, a Phoenix bike symbolized good luck, pride as well as the witness and reliability of love. As the pride of Chinese brands, Phoenix epitomizes the memories of several generations. Phoenix represents the Chinese craftsmen’s spirit and the haipai culture. It was established in 1897 and went public in 1993. She continues progressing with the times and keeps active in innovation and development. The in-depth inheritance of culture nurtures breakthroughs and innovations, which have redefined the connotation of Phoenix as a brand and let it shine again.

From the classic bicycles in the early modern China, to the 28" bicycle and to the present-day FNIX high-end sports bikes, the China Phoenix urban recreational bikes are leisurely, healthy and modern. The Shanghai Phoenix has renewed itself as a traditional bicycle brand, always focuses on bicycles and relevant industries and dedicates itself to advocating green cycling and a healthy and trendy high-quality lifestyle.